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Our Story

Ask Corey Stephens about his life and he will tell you “It was hard, but fun”. Ask him about his roots and he will tell you “They run deep”. Ask him about a personal goal and he’ll say “success” and ask him about barbecue, and he will tell you two words “sauce” and “smoke”.

The principal at Corey’s elementary school found that the cafeteria was the only place that he would not cause mischief. He was allowed to work in the cafeteria, and the pay in cookies was sweet! Once in high school fate would have Corey take a Home Economics class, this is where his love of cooking really evolved.  Corey's Uncle Sidney inspired him to make cooking a career. At the age of 26, under the mentorship of Elmer Thompson of the Infamous Elmer’s BBQ in Tulsa, OK is where Corey perfected the art of BBQ.

Corey was one of the original founders of a popular BBQ restaurant in Smyrna, GA. His approach to barbequing brought a new flavor to the area. The menu was made up of his own original recipes and famous Luckey’s BBQ sauce. It is no wonder he is the go-to guy for BBQ. He has won contests and awards for his signature sauces, along with appearances in newspapers, magazines, radio and television shows.  Corey will tell you that the most important compliment is word of mouth from satisfied customers.

On April 1, 2022, Corey became the sole proprietor of “Luckey’s BBQ Place” located in Marietta. Proof that dreams do come true!